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Pocket spring mattress: the right mattress for me?

A pocket spring mattress offers higher point elasticity than a Bonell spring core mattress and swings significantly less when moving. The springs processed in the mattress core have a cylindrical shape and were individually surrounded by a pocket during manufacture.

These fabric bags are interconnected, but due to the insulation, each spring acts individually when pressed. Depending on the manufacturer and price range, the springs vary in number and strength. The special processing of the mattress core ensures optimal support of the spine and prevents unpleasant noises that can be caused by movements of the sleeping person in simple spring mattresses. It is well suited for people with a higher body weight.

The pocket spring mattress is a high quality form of pocket spring mattress. The feathers also used in cloth bags are reminiscent of a bulbous barrel, so this mattress got her unusual name. This particular shape of the springs gives the mattress a high flexibility and adaptability to the individual body parts of the sleeping person.

Advantages of a pocket spring mattress:

  • Good point elasticity and optimal support of the spine
  • High lying comfort
  • Promote a healthy posture thanks to optimal supporting power
  • No disturbing noises in restless sleep
  • Suitable for both rigid and adjustable slatted frames
  • Pleasant sleeping climate thanks to good air regulation

Disadvantages of a pocket spring mattress:

  • High dead weight makes handling difficult
  • Unsuitable for allergy sufferers, as mite infestation is possible

Back pain

A particularly important part of a professional mattress consultation is the consideration of possible pain in the back, in the neck and shoulder area or the loins and hips. These symptoms are often very uncomfortable, as these areas may be exposed to more stress during the night. Where are your pain points along the back? Depending on which zone of your body is affected, various mattress models offer pain-relieving options, which take special account of physical complaints. This proposes you the mattress consultant targeted if necessary. A cold foam mattress with body-appropriate 5- or 7-lying zones in conjunction with the right slatted base supports the spine targeted and prevents too deep sinking of the affected body region.

The mattress consultant determines the right mattress for you

All good things come in threes - this is why we recommend three high-quality mattresses that have been chosen according to your selection criteria. Get with the right mattress consultation after a few clicks to dream sleep, and test now the mattress consultant!

The right degree of hardness of a mattress

The mattress manufacturers offer their products in different degrees of hardness. These are yardsticks for the hardness of the mattress and can be used as clues how soft or firm the mattress is. When selecting the optimum degree of hardness, it is essential to pay attention to the individual needs of the individual.

Manufacturers achieve these degrees of hardness through the different material compositions in the mattress core. Unfortunately, however, there are no standard specifications for the degrees of hardness, which means that the degrees of hardness can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer - despite the same details as H2 or H3. This inconsistent classification causes irritation to most consumers, so this information should be considered carefully.

When choosing a new mattress, which should be the best for you, there are numerous criteria to consider. Often consumers are very unsettled by the variety of offers on different mattresses in varying degrees of hardness. Which mattress is ideal and which degree of hardness should be chosen?

Not too hard, not too soft - just right

With our mattress there are no degrees of hardness. Bruno adapts perfectly to your body weight thanks to our clever weight distribution formula, as long as you weigh between 50 kg and 110 kg.

By the way:  Whether you sleep on the stomach, back or on the side, our mattress does not matter - Bruno will offer you support in every position and keep the spine straight.

Do you prefer a double mattress or two single beds for a double bed?

Of course, this decision depends first on your personal preference. A continuous mattress provides more comfort, since in the middle no gap disturbs. On the other hand, one should not be overly sensitive to the movements of a partner. However, how strongly you perceive the nightly wallowing of the other person is also very much related to the quality of the mattress. With the right construction and the use of high quality materials you sleep wonderfully on a continuous mattress.

  • The unique box spring lying experience
  • That can only be a box spring bed.

As with our mattress, there are no degrees of hardness in our box spring bed. Thanks to our sophisticated weight distribution formula, the Bruno box spring bed always adapts optimally to your body weight, as long as you weigh between 50 kg and 110 kg.

By the way:  Whether you sleep on your stomach, back or on the side, our Bruno box spring bed does not matter - the many hundreds of pocket springs in the box spring box and the multilayer Bruno mattress will provide you with support in every sleeping position and keep the spine straight.

There are many double beds - but which is the right one?

A double bed is simply a bed that offers enough space for two people. In addition, it is much more. It is often the first "right" bed. Accordingly, the double bed is also particularly high standards in terms of design. It becomes the center of the bedroom and should enhance it accordingly. As the name implies, double beds are usually popular with couples. But also for singles, who like to have a lot of space in bed, is the first choice.

Which size should you choose?

Double beds are available in different sizes. From a width of 140 cm we speak of a double bed. The classic and best-selling size for a double bed is 180 × 200 cm. This is also the size referred to as the "marriage bed". So much space is available on this bed; so much space is needed of course in the bedroom. Therefore, couples who have to pay attention to the space requirement, often on the size 160 × 200 cm back. Of course, it is even more compact: 140 × 200 cm is the smallest size under the double beds and is also called the "French bed". Especially this size is also very popular with singles or young very couples.

Tip:  If you are planning with children in a timely manner, you should reach 160 cm wide or even better 180 cm.

In addition, you need the right mattress size. If you are unsure which size to choose, our size guide will help you. For further information, visit